Landing back to Canada

The next day we anchor in Clyde River and its foggy, Canadian Customs don't land and we in turn therefore cannot make our landing back to Canada.  We start to head north and explore along the way in zodiacs.  The next day we are in Pond Inlet, its a beautiful day in a scenic community.  The Bylot Island across the community is breath taking and all I can think is to get to a phone and call my family but first we film. 

The crew wonder out loud if I’ll run into anyone I know, probably.  I’m more excited to get to a phone and rushed to the Co-op to buy a calling card as soon as I can.  We film while I use the phone at the community centre only to get voice mail.  Choking up I leave a message, we’re in Canada now.  After a few calls and finally talking to my better half, now I can be a tourist when the showcases of Pond Inlet drama play ends.

Women's shoes

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