Our final destination, Resolute Bay, Nunavut

We get back onboard the Clipper Adventurer and start heading north. We pass some ice and the ship uses the thrusters to avoid some of them. I’m not well and the boat is not my friend again so I sleep.

We finally reach our destination, Resolute Bay, Nunavut. It is also my birthday! I am on top of the world! Literally :) A nice cake is served as we wait to disembark. It’s a gray day but we are now on land! I could have, would have, and should have kissed the ground!

I arrange for a guide with the Hamlet of Resolute Bay, preferably a relocatee and meet Anna Nungaq. I went to residential school with her niece, this strengthens our ties. And an old friend, Ludy Padluq comes to the Hamlet at our request. He along with Anna helps to identify the kids in the Director's 1968 images. Anna assists us in the local history and the struggles they endured. John Walker, the Director met some of the boys in his image.  I sat down to interview Joadamie and Paul Amagoalik. John also films with Peter Amaroalik and it’s a wrap in Resolute!

We flew out of Resolute early in the morning, stopping in Arctic Bay en route to Iqaluit. I cannot wait to just be, no schedules and my love is meeting me in Iqaluit :)

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