Part 2 Itilleq, Greenland Defenders

We board the Clipper Adventurer and we head to Itilleq. The fjord is long and as soon as we hit the Arctic Ocean, it’s storming and all of a sudden, the ship doesn't look so big. I get sea sick and I complain to myself (and out loud), "why did I agree to be on the boat!?"

The next day a bit of fog but we are in Itilleq, a population of about a hundred.  The locals are invited to board and demonstrate their culture. I'm beyond excited but gotta focus; we are a film crew after all...

They tell us about their way of life, showcasing their beautiful sealskin traditional wear and I'm holding the mic for the Director, which I put on my head to be steady. After their presentation they took some questions. We get on land by zodiac and have coffee at one of the ladies home. Aaju Peter is our translator and we talk about the challenges today including climate change. They had no ice and had to put down their dog teams because the lack of ice means no seals to feed the dogs.

A long standing friendly soccer game is played between Itilleq and Adventure Canada, the 8th (or 9th?) loss for Adventure Canada to the West coast Greenland champions.


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