The place name means glacier

After a nice game of soccer and a brief visit, we now head to Ilulissat, Greenland. The place name means glacier. Once we arrive and start to go towards the docks, traffic of fishing boats and a bustling fishing plant is evident.

We filmed near the glacier park and hurry back to the community to visit with Aaju's aunt, her uncle had recently passed. And again the coffee is served with the saucers and the cake. Their language is beautiful, I've always wanted to be amongst Greenlanders.  Another brief visit, I'm starting to wonder if the conversations may have turned to her Baffin facial tattoos.

I shop a little for souvenirs and head back on board the Clipper Adventurer. I didn't realize I was exhausted when we are summoned to the Captains table for supper! I thought I'd dress up when I realized I didn't bring proper shoe wear. Oh well, better to look casual. We are now en route to Canada's Arctic. I've never been to the High Arctic before! Although I have made many friends and I start to feel anxious to get to Clyde River.

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