Sovereignty is very simple...

The Adventure Canada Arctic Safari on Clipper Adventurer started at the end of July and we reached our final destination right on my birthday, August 9th.  I learned a lot about myself during the 10 day voyage; I am still surprised about the cultural differences that came out during the EU Seal ban debate.  I still have a knee jerk reaction to ignorance and want to be more graceful and educate those that do not know any better.  I also wanted to thank the amazing staff and the message behind the presentations from Adventure Canada throughout the trip.  I will cherish our supper discussions with some of the very few open minded new friends, we need more of you to help everyone grow. 

The Arctic Defenders journey is still abroad, each day I learn something new and I hope you will learn along with us when the film has its debute.  Sovereignty is very simple when you look to the people and the very causes to our governance. 


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